Cycology 371 is a trail information centre designed to give you, the enthusiastic rider, the essential knowledge required to find and ride our proudly South African trails safely and effortlessly. Whether you are a beginner or expert rider you will find information here that will benefit your riding and maximise the time spent on your mountain bike.

We have learnt through experience that finding new trails is a daunting task; we spent many wasted hours (and Rands) trying to locate new and exciting trails online only to sometimes drive kilometres, following sketchy maps and directions, to arrive at derelict or non-existent trails which had obviously not seen a rider in years.

We then decided that seeing as though we were on a mission to travel South Africa – riding every single mountain biking trail we could – anyway, we might as well collate all the information in one place.

We pride ourselves in our accurate GPS co-ordinates given in all three formats, suggested tire pressures and chain lubes to use, brief standardised as well as personalised trail descriptions, and other tips for each trail.If a trail does not feature on Cycology 371 we have either not had the chance to ride it yet or it was not good enough for inclusion, which is why you can be rest assured that following our guides you will be enjoying the time in your saddle, exploring these exhilarating and beautiful places, without the stress and hassle.

Let this incredible lifestyle ride on…so far we have enough trails on the site to keep you entertained at a different venue every single weekend for five months and we are always looking for more; we would love any trail suggestions for us to try out for possible inclusion on the site. In addition, as ‘trail information’ is only part of the first phase of Cycology 371 we are always looking for ideas and interests, please let us know what else you would like to see here? Comments can be made at the  bottom of our About Us page or email us on info@cycology371.com.

For updates please like us on Twitter and follow our Facebook page: @Cycology371 and Cycology371 respectively.