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In physics the definition of a couple is, “a pair of forces of equal magnitude acting in parallel but opposite directions, capable of causing rotation but not translation.” We are going to use this definition to our advantage for our “About Us” page – writer’s prerogative and all that.

A few months shy of our four year anniversary in 2012 we realised that we needed to start doing something together, a hobby of sorts, and so the list writing began (some suggestions were wonderful, other just plain weird). After attending the Argus in 2011 to support CHOC, Tamzin decided that she actually missed cycling and would love to get back into this sport, and no it had nothing to do with all the great legs on display at the race, after a few years absence from completing a few road cycling races in high-school. The road cycling idea was quickly turned down because a) it is far too dangerous to cycle on the road if not in an organised event and b) there is no adventure/beauty in that.

We decided to start mountain biking, a decision which would change the dynamic of our relationship going forward and a decision which, to date, is the best one we have ever made.

Mountain biking for us has become a way of living rather than something we sometimes do at the weekends. As two very different people in a relationship (oh, here comes the link back to the opening paragraph’s metaphor, bear with us), mountain biking has become a way for us to each contribtue our own strengths and interests towards a common goal, a life path that we have chosen which has transformed our relationship whilst maintaining our individuality.

Cycology 371: Couples Psychology 101 on a mountain bike if you will…

cycology371 Final

What we do when we are not travelling South Africa (and soon beyond) exploring exhilirating mountain biking trails

Wesleigh is head of research and development at a asset tracking firm and loves working with his hands. His knowledge of electronics most probably surpasses that of some qualified engineers. He used to pull many all nighters customising cars, the focus of which has now changed to bikes of all kinds. Anything with wheels will never be standard in his presence; adding his own creative energy and taste to every single project that he embarks on. He has recently completed a spinning instructor’s course with a view to specialising in power and endurance classes. He has taken the book, Mountain Bikers’ Training Bible by Joe Friel, to heart and considers its teachings sacred. He hopes to develop specialised training programmes for mountain bikers of any age taking into consideration time constraints, diet and skills level. He can be followed on Twitter, @Wez371.

With an inquisitive mind and a desire to understand and enjoy everything, Tamzin analyses companies and markets professionally, and people and their behaviour personally. The fascination here is that all of this is inextricably linked which is why a career in portfolio management is so well suited to her. She hopes to further her understanding of cognitive psychology, incorporating this with her investment management degree and with what she has learnt studying towards becoming a CFA Charterholder; culminating in a greater study of the world of behavioural finance. Reading is an escape, an adventure and a growing process of maturing her beliefs, thoughts and perceptions about this world and specifically how people live and interact with all that surrounds them. As a writer she one day strives to pen a paper of some sort on the complexities of underground economies but until then she will continue musing random moments of life that stimulate and inspire on her personal blog: femmegypsy. For sporadic commentary follow her on Twitter, @femmegypsy or follow the Facebook page, Femmegypsy.

Tam & Wes