Emmarentia Dam – Emmarentia

Emmarentia is a beautiful botanical garden situated in the central suburbs of Gauteng, just six km from the CBD. The man-made dam dates back to 1992 and provides enough room for paddle boats and canoes which can be accessed from the Canoe club on the Eastern side of the dam.

There is a four km paved track which circumnavigates the botanical garden, perfect for beginners and children. In addition cyclists looking for a quick early morning cycle before work will find the single track section close to the river to be the perfect solution.  There are various sections and levels (combined the single track is 1 km) varying in difficulty; this is bidirectional so it is important to be aware of other rides at all times. Early morning or late afternoon rides through the park are recommended in order to miss all the dog walkers and the…uh…”surprises” they leave behind.

Oi!! Beware of dogs that are off their leashes and the nasty mess they leave in the longer grass.

One bottle of water or two?

4 km – 20 km, depending on how many loops are done.


How should I prep my bike?

Dry condition chain lube is recommended all year round and tire pressure should be moderate.


When can I ride?

Monday – Sunday: Sunrise to Sunset


Small change or personal loan? 

No entrance fee.


Where do I park?

Safe and secure parking available.


Do I need to find a bush?

No need, toilet facilities can be found closer to the rose garden entrance.


Take me, quick and easy!

-26.1513        28.0028

S 26° 9.078’  E 28° 0.168’

S 26° 9’ 4.7”  E 28° 0’ 10.1”


I have burnt all my energy, where can I eat?

There is a little cafe which serves the standard toasted samies and cool drinks.


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