Fantasy Friday: Bicycle Room {Part 5}

If you have been following our Fantasy Friday bike room posts you are most likely on the right track to getting everything in perfect order. We are a few steps away from optimizing your training and saving you time. We did a how to post a few months ago on safe bike storage which is our Part 5.

As cyclists we all know that the most components break while we are not actually on the bike at all. This happens either during storage where our bikes fall over unattended or during transportation. On this How To Tuesday we show you how to safely store your bikes in your house or in the garage using wall mounts. Putting in a little effort to make sure your bike is always stored safely will be well worth it in the long run and it will always ensure that you don’t have any issues out on the trail or road.



Whether you place your bike vertically or horizontally on the wall is entirely up to you, it all depends on the space that you have available and whether or not the bikes will be displayed in your living area. Vertical bike mounts take up far less space on the wall but stick out much further and are not as aesthetically pleasing as horizontal mounts. They also require bit more muscle to remove and replace your bike before and after each ride.

An added security feature can be installed by using some Rawl Bolt Eye Bolts and braided steel wire to lock the bike to the wall, as seen below.