Fantasy Friday: Buff Headwear

The buff is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. It can we worn throughout the year and will protect you in the harshest of conditions. This makes our fantasy list because once you own one you’ll never go without it.

They can we worn to keep your neck warm on a frosty morning ride, keep the dust out your mouth and nose on a dusty trail, to prevent sunburn on your neck and the list goes on. Buff’s come in a wide variety of colours and designs that are constantly updated to keep up with seasons and the latest trends.

A few different ways to wear your buff:



Picture source

There are many different designs too:


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Buffs can be bought at any of your local cycling shops and at quite a few all-sport merchandisers.

Here is a picture of us wearing our buffs around our necks but during the actual race they were quickly pulled up to protect us from the dust storms that day 🙂