Fantasy Friday: Giant floor pumps

One of the most over looked pieces of equipment in a cyclist’s cupboard is a floor pump. Most of us still use the good old hand pump after minor repairs at home or just as a top up before you head out for a ride. The list of benefits of using a floor pump is endless; they reduce the amount of time and energy spent pumping your tyres, prevent broken valve stems, ensure you always run the same tyre pressures and they take the strain off your hand pump so it won’t give up on you when you really need it. If you pump your tyres with a hand pump you most likely are either over inflating or under inflating your tyres which will effect the way the bicycle handles in different situations. Having the built in gauge on the floor pump will allow you to set up your tyre pressures according to current riding and weather conditions.

Cycology 371

Giant bring out a range of affordable and reliable floor pumps that range from entry level that will mostly be used on weekends (Control Tower 3) and their full aluminium bodied model for use everyday (Control Tower Pro).

Find one that meets your needs and your budget – it will make your life easier!

 Control Tower 3

Control tower 3


  •  2.0″ gauge
  • Auto head with ball inflator accessories
  • Aluminum barrel and plastic base
  • 160psi rating

Estimated pricing R300-R350

 Control Tower Pro

Control tower pro


  • Big 3.0″ gauge
  • Barrel-in-barrel technology protects pump internals
  • Ergonomic sweeping handle with ball inflation accessories storage
  • Auto head with metal accents and pressure release button
  • 220psi rating
  • Aluminum barrel and base

Estimated price R1000-R1100

Do you have a floor pump and which brand if so?