Fantasy Friday: Rudy Project Sunglasses

One of the accessories that makes any cyclist look like one of the pro’s is an awesome set of shades. Rudy Project have one of the largest selections of sunglasses from basketball, shooting, volleyball to Skiing. Their website makes it really easy to select a pair:

  1. Sports – Where do you intend to use them?

  2. Frame – Select a style of frame that suites you!

  3. Colour – Pick a solid or mixed colour combination!

  4. Lenses – Simulates what you will see through the lenses and gives you different backgrounds to view on both road and trail!

  5. Purchase – Once you have orders your crazy set of shades it time to cough up and foot the bill but it will be so worth it!

They have an incredibly wide range of glasses with some great features too such as a stainless steel perforated front grille which allows air flow to prevent fogging, stems with 360° adjustable temple tips to ensure perfect comfort and absolute fit with the face and for those who need optical correction it easy to snap-in prescription lenses behind sunglass lenses using the practical clip-on system.

Their range is vast and their colours and features exciting!