Fantasy Fridays: 10 things that should be on every mountain biker’s life-list

  1. Building a bike  –  We have built three single-speeds and one seven-speed road bike so far and are definitely looking forward to cultivating this hobby and building some mountain bikes from scratch in the future too. Have you?
  2. Riding at night – We would love to do a night race soon, any recommendations?
  3. Riding in the snow – Have never really considered this before but it is now officially on the wish list. In which snowy country have you ridden?
  4. Riding in another country – Our first mountain biking related holiday has been planned for Bali. Hopefully we will be going next year or the year after. Have you done any mountain biking tours? 
  5. Sleeping next to your bike – Don’t take this one too literally and kick your partner out of bed 😉
  6. Exploring a new trail – This is what we thrive on and what the idea on which this entire website was built. Our absolutely favourite thing to do is travel the country finding mountain bike trails to ride. Find our list of #trustedmtbtrails here.
  7. Crossing a mountain range – We will have to get a whole lot more gadgets and gear but this should be something exhilarating and challenging to embark on.
  8. Riding a race – There is nothing like the vibe and energy at a race to help your mind push your body to its full capability. We love racing and even for the non-competitive types it is a good opportunity to be inspired by the riders around you.
  9. Visiting a bike park – Bike parks are such fun if you are not looking for a long endurance type ride but want to get your heart pumping nonetheless and they are even better for practicing all of your technical skills! We recommend PwC Cycle Park in Bryanston, Johannesburg or X-Trax in Bashewa, Pretoria.
  10. Riding to the Sea – Cycling down by the coast breathing in the salty early morning air before the humidity sets in and then watching the sun rise over the sea is most definitely something we aspire to do yearly.

This video is exceptional!

We would add building and/or maintaining a mountain bike trail to this list.

What would you add?