Fantasy Fridays: Bicycle Lighting

Now that we are starting to move closer to winter, our precious riding time is starting to slip away as we lose day light hours. It would be a good idea to start looking for some lighting or even to upgrade to increase your riding time before and after work and to just give yourself a bit more presence even if it is just a short trip on the tar down to your regular ride.  We have done some shopping around in the last few weeks to try and find the brightest, most convenient and well designed lighting systems. Some of the details we took a look at were:

  1. Attachment– How securely did the device attach itself to the bike? Could it be attached to a pocket on a jersey or Camelbak?
  2. Durability– Could the device take a knock or a few hours worth of riding in the rain?
  3. Power supply– Was the device rechargeable or did it run on alkaline batteries?
  4. Size vs Output– How large was the device in comparison to its output? 

We settled on Lezyne due to the fact that all their design features were perfectly justified, the product construction was above satisfactory and it just looks so… damn… good!

The Lezyne Zecto Drive

Lezyne Rear

The output of this little light is incredible; putting out 10 lumens in complete darkness and 20 lumens during daylight. After testing a few of them and running through the different flashing modes we had to take a break before carrying on, they will disorientate you at an arms length. The mounting is secure and is equipped with a slanted rear section to compensate for the angle of the seat so the light projects straight. It has 7 different flashing modes and a battery level indicator on the side which will make sure it’s always fully charged and the best feature is that it will charge from completely flat in just 2.5 hours and give you up to 7 hrs of run time depending on which flashing mode you select. The Zecto come with a Micro USB to USB connection for charging through your laptop or cell phone charger as well.

Lezyne Front

Lezyne also bring out a Zecto Drive Front which we tested which  is suitable to make yourself visible to other road users but isn’t efficient in lighting your way. For trail riding in complete darkness we suggest having a look at their Mega Drive (1200 lumens) and the Deca Drive (800 lumens). All these products are available at any decent LBS and for further product info check out Lezyne


Mega Drive

Mega Drive

Deca Drive

Deca Drive


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