Fantasy Fridays: Bicycle room {Part 2}

The first step to creating the ultimate bike room will be going through all your equipment and doing a bit of a spring clean. Getting rid of all your unnecessary equipment will create more space for what really matters. If you are no longer getting any use out of it maybe somebody else can benefit from it; give all your useless equipment to charity where it could make a difference in someones life. Even if its just an old pump or a tube.

If its broken and not fixable, throw it out. If its missing pieces, throw it out

The second step will be utilizing any space you have as wisely as possible. In our bike room we decided to add additional shelves in the hanging space of our cupboard. Now we won’t have to pack items on top of each other where something could potentially get damaged with packing and unpacking. The wood was relatively cheap and the whole process only cost R100. Most hardware stores will cut the wood for free as long as you have the dimensions.

Cupboard before


Cupboard after



Be sure to follow every second Friday to get some awesome ideas for your ultimate bike room. Send us pics of  your progress so far, we would love to see it!