Fantasy Fridays: Bicycle room {Part 4}

If you have been following our bicycle room posts part 1 , part 2 and part 3 you will already have a visible difference in your bicycle room. In part 4  we discuss separating your road and MTB equipment if you are fortunate enough to have two bikes. It is advisable to have separate equipment for different types of bikes to ensure you always have the correct bits and pieces when out on a ride. Changing the road tube to a MTB tube in your saddle bag while trying to wipe the sleep from your eyes first thing in the morning is an absolute handful when your equipment is a mess.

We suggest having a separate saddle bag or tool bottle for each bicycle whether you have a 26er/ 29er or 26er/Road or 29er/Road. Keep your spare tube and a patch kit or tubeless repair kit in each along with your quick-link.

A quick-link allows you to repair a broken chain in just a few minutes as long as you have the correct speed link. This will vary depending on the amount of rear cogs on your cassette. If you count 9 cogs you require a 9 speed quick-link. NB: The incorrect speed quick-link will not work as it will either be wider or narrower that the chain itself. Be sure not to mix up your various links.

Now that you have separated your bike specific parts it’s time to pack them neatly into storage boxes for easy packing and unpacking.


MTB box

MTB box 1



Road box

Road box 1


Road box 2


If you haven’t already noticed there are no pumps, bombs,cycling glasses or multi-tools in the two boxes. These items need to go into a general box or bag that will go with you no matter which bike you are taking out on the ride. These items are a little more expensive and nobody expects you to have two of those.

Now that your have separated your equipment all you need to do is grab the specific box and head out!!

Stick around for part 5 where we really see everything starting to come together.