Fantasy Fridays: Dropper seat posts

Ever notice that your saddle is in your way while descending? Have you ever had the  saddle do some damage to you while trying to get your weight all the way back?

Cycology 371

One of the items on our Fantasy list is the dropper seat post.  We look at the most reliable and well known in the market – Rockshox.

Dropper seat post: A cable/hydraulic controlled seat post that allows the rider to adjust the height through the push of a button while on the move.

This will simply replace your current seat post and allow for 100 – 125 mm of height adjustment depending on which model you choose. This product is designed to get your saddle out of your way while tackling technical sections on trails and by a push of your button your saddle returns to its original height for climbing or hammering on the flats.

Estimated Price: R4000.00



100 mm: 520 g, 125 mm: 535 g, *Weight based on 355 mm length, 30.9 mm diameter, MMX remote with shifter hardware and 1300 mm hose


100mm: 355mm, 380mm, 420mm, 125mm: 380mm, 420mm, Hose length: 1500mm


Black, Silver


Shaft: 3D Forged 7050 Alloy,

Head: 7050 Forged Alloy


Zero Offset, Reverb Remote Actuation: Adjustable return speed at the handlebar


Travel: 125 mm and 100 mm

Diameters: 30.9 mm, 31.6 mm, 34.9 mm

Do you have one of these on your bike? If not, have you tried it out? It really does make such a difference!