Fantasy Fridays: Hardshell bicycle case

Cycology 371

As a cyclist or mountain biker it is hard to imagine going anywhere without your bike accompanying you! The only problem is transporting it, especially over long distances. We feel hesitant to transport our bikes on planes in card board boxes or in soft material bags because we all know how baggage handlers treat luggage, nevermind our precious cargo. There are hundreds of horror stories of people arriving at their destinations for races or adventure holidays to find broken derailleurs or brake levers, bent cranks or damaged cables and housings.

This is why this week we are fantasising about Bike Safe’s hardshell bicycle cases.

bike boxes


  • High density polyethylene
  • Total protection
  • Easy handling
  • Pack your bike in under five minutes
  • Secure
  • No bent derailleurs
  • No scratches
  • No dents
  • No damaged forks
  • Airline friendly
  • Lightest hardshell bicycle case on the market
  • Best bike box in South Africa
  • Suitable for road, time trial, MTB and 29er

You can customise your BikeSafe® with your club, company or country colours which means that on tour your BikeSafe® will be easy to recognise amongst all the others. You can even have your details (name and number) or a logo professionally printed on both sides.

customised bike boxes


Visit their website for pricing and to view all of their other products as well.