Fantasy Fridays: Magazine subscriptions

The idea behind the Fantasy Fridays posts is to explore new technologies and discoveries in the world of cycling; compiling wish lists of products, gears and bikes and to profile bike tours and adventures across the globe. What cyclist doesn’t always require desire new gadgets and thrills?

The best place to find inspiration for these posts?

>> Magazines that specialise in bringing us the latest in all things mountain biking and cycling! Which is why this week’s fantasy is a subscription to the three most popular in South Africa:

Bicycling Magazine South Africa

“Bicycling is South Africa’s leading cycling magazine and is aimed at both road and mountain biking enthusiasts. Launched in February 2003, it is published 10 times a year, targeting the fast-growing and affluent lifestyle cycling market – youngsters, adults, professional as well as casual cyclists. The magazine is filled with the best international and local content for every element of the cyclist’s life from training techniques and fitness information to inspiring human interest stories, event news, nutrition and motivation. Bicycling is also South Africa’s leading tester of bikes and gear with over 30% of the monthly magazine dedicated to the latest reviews so our readers can make the best choices.”

Click here to subscribe to Bicycling. The normal cover price is R38 and they run 10 issues per year. The digital subscription will cost you R22.80 per issue, R228 for all 10 issues if you do a once off payment or if you want to pay monthly it will cost R19 per month. All of these offers mean you only pay 60% of the normal cover price! The print subscription will cost you R306.06 and is a once off payment which is a saving of 20%! If you are a Discovery Vitality member you only pay R144 for all the issues – the biggest saving of 62%!

Also, follow them on Twitter (@Bicycling_SA) and like their page on Facebook (Bicycling Magazine South Africa) to stay updated.

Ride Magazine

“The oldest cycling publication in South Africa, Ride remains at the forefront of this fast-growing sport. Aimed at the broad cycling public, from beginner to elite, the magazine and digital content is produced by a nucleus of fanatical cyclists. Ride is more than an informative and entertaining brand – it’s a powerful force of change, growth and development in the biggest participation sport in the country.”

Click here to subscribe to Ride. The normal cover price is R34.90 and they run 12 issues per year. The digital subscription will cost you R17.50 (a saving of 50%) per issue or R158 for all 12 issues if you do a once off payment (a saving of 62%). The print subscription ill cost you R314 and is a once off payment which is a saving of 25%.

Also, follow them on Twitter (@RideMagazineSA) and like their page on Facebook (Ride Magazine South Africa) to stay updated.

Tread – Mountain Biking with Soul

“South Africa’s only mountain biking magazine. Packed with relevant, authoritative, quality content that appeals to South African mountain bikers. A premium quality mountain bike magazine that caters for anyone that enjoys riding a mountain bike, but with particular emphasis on the increasingly large segment of intermediate and experienced mountain bikers. It covers everything that matters to South African mountain bikers, researched, written, photographed and designed in a way that’s insightful, honest, entertaining and inspiring. Topics include objective, authoritative gear reviews and bike tests; relevant trends (local and international); advice on buying and maintenance; indepth trail reviews and skills improvement advice; a race calendar listing as well as pictorially powerful event reviews; profiles on relevant figures within the mountain bike market as well as topical opinion pieces.”

Click here to subscribe to Tread. They run bi-monthly so 6 issues per year. A subscription will cost you R195 which works out to R32.50 per issue.

Also, follow them on Twitter (@TreadMTBmag) and like their page on Facebook (Tread – Mountain Biking with Soul) to stay updated.

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