Fantasy Fridays: Retro Road Wheels

Cycology 371

If you have ever been to a Critical Mass ride you would have seen a few custom single speeds and fixies. The simplicity, style, response and the silence of the drive train is incredible. We can go on for hours on the topic but today we want to show you some wheels. Any commuter bike or just even just a mass bike is definitely incomplete without a crazy set of wheels. In this Fantasy Fridays post we thought we would show you something that would make you feel like a kid again: some of the coolest retro road wheels out there…

Wheel set.


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There are wheels out there to suit¬†anybody, whether you’re shy or loud and full of energy. Rims, hubs, spokes and tyre colours can be mixed and matched to suit your personality.

The wheels above are:

43 mm Super Deep -V Rims

32 Spoke hubs Font/Rear Flipfop

>> Flipflop: The ability to switch between a fixed cog and a cog with a free wheel by simply removing the rear tyre and flipping it around. <<