Fantasy Fridays: The Munga

 What would you do for one million dollars? Are you tough enough?

The Munga 2

A mountain biking race so tough it is worth $1 000 000? The Munga is the world’s toughest / richest mountain biking race and is held on Proudly South African Soil too. The race is non-stop, for 1000 km, and no outside support is allowed. Have a look at the route here.

Its when you cross over to the other side, beyond the light. Beyond the dim flicker of a known world and what is comfortable and over to the unknown. To the abyss that is your potential but also your fears. To a place where most will simply turn their backs and flee. Or give up. Those that push on face the scariest thing imaginable. Themselves. Stripped of their pretences and a pampered world, they are left with that nagging question. Can they do it? Those who return come back changed. They come back tougher.
The world is not short of tough things to do.
Its short of tough people.

Are you one of those people?

Read more about the story behind the idea for this race and the individuals behind it here:

The Story

Who is behind it?

The Munga

but take a moment to consider how your life will change before you register, although at a $10 000 entry fee we doubt this decision will be made in haste either way.