How to Tuesdays: #Beginner371 for Momentum 94.7 [[ Week I ]]

This year’s Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge is taking place on the 9th (mountain bike) and 16th of November (road). We have decided to post a training plan for beginner riders here weekly, starting today.

If you would like to adapt the plan to suit your strength and fitness levels or have a different goal that you are working towards please feel free to contact Wesleigh on He is a mobile personal trainer which means he comes to you (no gym contract or own equipment necessary) and is focused on a creating a completely customised and personalised training plan suitable for you.

We will be updating our Twitter and Facebook pages daily (follow the #Beginner371 hashtag) with the program too so be sure to follow us there to stay updated 🙂

Tuesday – Legs

Warm up: 

  • 30 seconds boxing hands to the sky
  • 30 seconds boxing hands to the front
  • 30 seconds boxing hands to the side
  • Advanced: for more cardio jump your knees to your chest as you do this or hold a weight in each hand


  • 10 x forward lunges (per leg)
  • 10 x squats
  • 5 x calf raises with your toes pointing out
  • 5 x calf raises with your toes pointing in
  • 10 x single leg dead lifts
  • Repeat


Wednesday – Rest 

Thursday – 45 minute spinning / ride session

Friday – Rest 

Saturday – 60 minute spinning / ride session

Sunday – Rest 

Monday – 60 minute spinning / ride session

If you do not know how to calculate your heart rate, read this: Calculating percentage based heart rate for optimal training.

Let us know if you are taking part – we would love to hear from you!