How To Tuesdays: #Beginner371 for Momentum 94.7 [[ Week IV – V ]]

This year’s Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge is taking place on the 9th (mountain bike) and 16th of November (road). We have decided to post a training plan for beginner riders here weekly and we hope you enjoyed the first three weeks of training? You should be starting to see some improvement in your strength and fitness levels and we know you are getting addicted to the release of endorphins 🙂

If you would like to adapt the plan to suit your strength and fitness levels or have a different goal that you are working towards please feel free to contact Wesleigh on He is a mobile personal trainer which means he comes to you (no gym contract or own equipment necessary) and is focused on a creating a completely customised and personalised training plan suitable for you.

We will be updating our Twitter and Facebook pages daily (follow the #Beginner371hashtag) with the program too so be sure to follow us there to stay updated :)

Wednesday, 13 August – Rest


Thursday, 14 August – 30 minute spinning / ride session and legs


Friday, 15 August – Rest


Saturday, 16 August – 60 minute spinning / ride session


Sunday, 17 August  –  Rest


Monday, 18 August – 60 minute spinning / ride session


Tuesday, 19 August – Rest


Wednesday, 20 August – 60 minute spinning / ride session

You can go to a spinning class, hit the road or a trail or follow this hill climbing training session (playlist included) on a trainer at home or bike at the gym.

  • Keep your HR in the 60 – 80% range.


Follow this 10 minute post ride stretch video.

Thursday, 21 August – Rest


Friday, 22 August – 60 minute high intensity spinning / ride session


Saturday, 23 August – Rest


Sunday, 24 August – Hit the road or your favourite trail and see what you can do! Have fun!


Monday, 25 August – Rest


Tuesday, 26 August – Rest

If you do not know how to calculate your heart rate, read this: Calculating percentage based heart rate for optimal training.

Let us know if you are taking part – we would love to hear from you!