How to Tuesdays: Easy access pepper spray

Every cyclist should carry a can of pepper spray for self defence, whether you ride on dirt roads in rural areas, in-town or MTB trails on private property. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to protect yourself from a swarm of bees, a wild animal or a vicious dog that that has caught up to you after your best efforts to outrun it. You never know what you might encounter on a ride but rather be prepared and lucky enough to never have to use your pepper spray.

It is especially important to make sure your pepper spray is easy to access! We recommend mounting the spray to your top tube or under your seat so you don’t have to fumble in your pockets or Camelbak to get it out.

View our simple steps for mounting your pepper spray:

  1.  To fit the pepper spray to your bike you will need a small can of pepper spray (check the expiry date when purchasing), a side cutter or scissors and some self adhesive heavy duty Velcro.

Pepper spray materials

 2. Attach a small piece of the heavy duty velcro to the can and another portion the same size to your top tube or under your seat. Be sure to clean both surfaces thoroughly before applying.

Pepper spray

Seat 2

Seat 1

You will have easy access to your pepper spray while on the bike and it is easy to remove when transporting or while cleaning your bike.