How To Tuesdays: Packing all the correct tools

There is nothing worse than having bike issues while out with your mates…or even worse, on your own!

Here is a basic list of essentials that you should have in your saddle bag/tool bottle or Camelbak:

Saddle bag tools

Pump or C0² Inflater

They will both get the job done but the Co² inflater will get you back on your bike much faster, especially if you are riding a 29er. Be sure to check that the valve fittings cater for Presta and Shrader valves because you never know when you’ll have to rely on the other.

Tire leavers

Make sure you have a decent set of tire leavers to help you get the tire casing off the rim, if you have a tubeless conversion carry them anyway because they could help you with another repair out on the trail.

Spare tube

This is a must for tubed tires as well as tubeless, if you get a side wall cut on your tubeless tire you will need to put a tube in to get you back home. Make sure that the valve type matches what you currently have on your bike.

Multi tool

Every cyclist should have one of these on them at all times, if you have multiple bikes keep one in each saddle bag so you never go with out it. It is perfect for some quick adjustments at home so you don’t have to dig through your tool box to find that one allen key hiding in the corner. Make sure it has a incorporated chain breaker for installing your quick links if you ever have chain issues.

Quick links

These will allow you to re-connect a broken chain without having to remove the rivet and trying to push it back through again. The width of the link will depend on what speed chain you are using so make sure they match.

Puncture repair kit

No more glue and patches and trying to hold everything still while it dries – get yourself a pack of self-adhesive patches that you pop on and press for 30 seconds before reinstalling your tube.


A small piece of cloth will come in handy when trying to get some debris out of your cassette and  to clean chain lube off your fingers during a repair. The biggest benefit of the cloth in your saddle bag/tool bottle is that it will prevent all the tools from knocking against each other on rocky sections.

Some more of our additions

  • Some small cable ties
  • Insulation tape
  • Spare energy gel
  • Presta-Shrader valve adaptor