How to Tuesdays: Preparing for your first race

Preparing for your first race can be a daunting task, you don’t want to take too much or too little and you definitely don’t want to forget anything. Waking up bright and early, preparing your breakfast and trying to gather everything you need is a guaranteed way to forget something especially if you have an hour or more drive to the event. Packing your equipment, clothes and nutritional supplements in advance will give you some peace of mind on the day of the event and will also probably help you sleep better the night before.


Prepare the following and anything else that you would normally take out on a ride and pack it in the car the night before, attach your bicycle rack and if you have a safe and secure garage at home even load your bikes ahead of time.

  1. Bicycle repair kit: Pump, tube, tire leavers, spare tube, patches, multi-tool and quick links. Check out our post on packing all the correct tools.
  2. Floor pump: Get your pressure perfect once you have arrived at the event.
  3. Number board: Attach your number board prior to loading your bike if you rack will accommodate it.
  4. Helmet: Pop it up on your rear parcel shelf to protect it from possible scratches.
  5. Cycling shoes: One of the worst items to forget, except for your bike of course.
  6. Nutrition: Energy bars, gels, electrolyte replacement and post exercise recovery supplement.
  7. Track suit/change of clothes: You never know what the weather is going to be like especially if you have to travel. It might be a very muddy and wet ride too so we find a towel and some wet wipes also come in handy.
  8. Directions: Always confirm your directions and the start time of your batch. Know where you are going as you can’t always rely on your GPS.

Tip: Make any adjustments to your bike a few days prior to the event , if you accidentally break something the night before you may not be able to repair it in time.

Good Luck and keep well hydrated!