How to Tuesdays: Repairing a damaged chain without a quicklink

On our last How to Tuesday we cover how to repair a chain with a quicklink. This week we show you how to do this without one. It is perfectly safe to remove one or two links from your chain if it is damaged, the dérailleur spring will simply stretch a little further to accommodate the shorter chain.


Begin by locating the damaged area, the chain might not always physically separate but a few bent links can cause your ride to come to an end.

Locate the break


You will need to get rid of the damaged piece of chain by pushing out the rivet slowly, don’t press it out all the way because it is almost impossible to put it back in while out on a ride. Go bit by bit and check the approximate length of the rivet that is coming out, ensuring that you haven’t gone too far.



Once this has been done you can check the other side for damage. Make sure you run the chain through the dérailleur and over the cassette and chain rings before you join the chain.



Gently push the rivet back in once you have lined it up correctly.Wiggle the link after you have made your join, if it is stiff you may need to push your rivet from one side or the other with the chain tool to align it correctly.