How to Tuesdays: Repairing a damaged chain

Fixing a chain is a quick and easy job if you have the equipment and the know-how. Today we will show you a simple chain repair using a quicklink and a chain breaker. If you aren’t mechanically minded or a hands on type of rider ensure you have the equipment anyway so somebody else on the road or trail can assist.

Chain breaker and a quicklink

 Begin by locating the damaged area, the chain might not always physically separate but a few bent links can cause your ride to come to an end. Push out the rivets on either side of the damaged area, look carefully when doing so because the quicklink can only connect two of the shallower chain links. You will have to push out the rivets so you are left with the centre portion of the chain.

Pushing out the rivets

 If your chain looks like this you’re almost there.

Chain prepared

Feed the chain over the cassette and through the dérailleur again so we can begin connecting it back together. If you aren’t sure how the chain feeds back through everything just have a look at another rider’s bike to double check yourself. Slide the quicklink into either side of the chain so you have one on either side.

First quicklink attached

Bring the chain together and and hook the rivets into the plates on the other side. Once it has been pressed in you will have to pull on either side of the quicklink so it can lock into place.

Connecting the chain

If you are struggling to get the link to lock you can mount the bike, rotate the pedals until the link is between the cranks and the cassette (on top). Pull both brakes and stand on the pedal so there is tension on the chain, now you should be sorted and on your way.

Be sure to have a look in 2 weeks on how to repair a chain without a quiclink!