How To Tuesdays: Selecting the correct bottle for your cage

Often see water bottles all over the first few kilometres of a race or as soon as a trail begins to get technical? It’s not such a good feeling reaching down on a flat section to have a drink and your water bottle is missing, so take a few of these tips into consideration¬†when buying a new water bottle.

For mountain biking it is not ideal to have a aluminium wire bottle cage, those are mostly for road bikes and children’s bikes. You will need a bottle cage that has a small lip on the top for gripping on the neck of the water bottle. This prevents the bottle from jumping out when the trail gets technical.


Water bottle cage edit


 You will need to find a particular brand of bottle that will suit your cage, some bottle necks sit above or below the lip on the cage which will still cause your bottle to pop out. The lip needs to meet the bottle neck at the very bottom to ensure a tight fit, you will feel a slight click once the bottle has located properly.

Water bottle edit


Once you have a sip of your water, ensure that there is no vacuum in the bottle before pushing it back into the cage, this makes the bottle slightly softer and smaller making it easier to dislodge.

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