Motivational Monday: I feel good today, how to feel good for the rest of the year?

I feel good today

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 Lots of people compile their New Year’s Resolutions during the holidays; when they are more relaxed, have more time and less day-to-day stresses which means expectations about the new year might be overly optimistic. We believe that we will be able to start and continue the new year in our present state of feeling good, plus we all know setting goals and making resolutions for later does make us feel better now.

In order to preserve these good feelings during the year – when stresses become more and time becomes less – we need to be realistic about the goals we have set for ourselves and to be realistic we need to be specific. A common resolution people make is to “exercise more” which is quite vague. We need to specify:

  • Who – Who are you going to enlist as training partners and/or motivators? Some people need to know that there is someone waiting for them at gym in the morning to get up and show up. It is also very important to have someone who knows what your goals are so that they can remind you of them when you forget.
  • What – What kind of exercise are you going to do? Will you be doing spinning classes during week and trails on weekends? To build up your core and strength will you be using weights or do you prefer using your own body strength and doing Pilates or yoga classes? Do you like running or swimming for some cross training?
  • When – When are you going to train? Do you like getting your exercise done early in the morning before work – does this make you feel energised and refreshed for the day? Or do you prefer taking an hour during the middle of your work day to clear your head? Or will you be exercising after work on your way home to get rid of all the days stresses? Maybe a combination works for you depending on “what” training you are doing that day.
  • Where – Will you be joining a gym, private classes, following exercise dvds/programs at home or training on the roads or trails?
  • Why – Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to be fitter? Do you want to improve on your race times from last year? Understanding the “why” will help in answering the other questions.

The most important thing is to start now. The wish to start fresh is still strong. Use the fact that you are feeling good today, at the start of a fresh and exciting new year, to motivate you to feel good for the rest of the year.