Motivational Mondays: Buy good food = Eat good food

buy good food eat good food


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We all know what it is like when you come home from a long day at work and the thought of cooking a healthy and nutritious meal just seems like too much effort so you reach for a bag of chips or some crackers and cheese. Or, you have nothing in your fridge/cupboards to pack for lunch the next day so you grab some take-out or head to the closest grocery store and over-buy because you are hungry and everything looks good. Rather take time out on a Sunday and go shopping with a list – filling your trolley and as a result your fridge and cupboards with food filled with goodness. If you only have healthy food and snacks at home it will be that much easier to eat healthily. Especially, keep this in mind with Easter weekend coming up. Of course, enjoy the Easter eggs but make sure you have healthy snacks on hand too 🙂