Motivational Mondays: Don’t stumble, twice

Don't stumble

It is ok to make mistakes but it is not ok to not learn from them. Even if you do not learn from them perfectly, every single try should be at least a little bit better than the last.

  • You managed to only make it to one spinning class last week? – Make sure you go at least twice this week.
  • You had a cigarette after you gave up a few weeks back? – See if you can hold out for a day longer this time around.
  • You can never get through that one technical section of a trail? – At least try and get over one more rock or root without hesitating.
  • You picked up a kilogram even though you have started a new healthy eating plan? Re-look at the plan and see where it might not be suited to you or just keep at it – it might be an hormonal weight fluctuation.
  • You could not make it to the top of that hill climb? Try and go just 10 metres further next time.

It does not matter that you have stumbled, it matters whether you have recognised the obstacle and what change you can make to defeat it next time!