Motivational Mondays: Festive training

Momentum 947

Apologies for the delay in writing this Motivational Monday but we took our rest week after the Momentum 947 a little too seriously 😉 Did you take part? What did you think of the new route?

Wez did very well with a time of 3h35 on his #singlespeed (taking 20 minutes off his time from last year) and I took an hour off of my time on my #sevenspeed. The last 20 km were quite demotivating though and we hope to buy ‘real’ road bikes before next year’s event; the challenge has been great but sometimes you want your time to reflect the work that you have put in. Our bikes were initially only built for mass rides – never did we think we would be doing century rides on them!

In less than four weeks we are off to the beach for three weeks (!) and although we are planning on doing a lot of sleeping too we will be trainig a lot’. In some respects it will probably be easier to put in more training hours without the stress of work and traffic.

We have a lot planned for the new year but the best time to start is now and it is so difficult to start from scratch if you are a little too indulgent during the holidays.

Do you train during the festive season or at least try to take a walk on the beach once a day? We know it is not that time just yet but we are getting so excited that we can’t help but plan already 🙂