Motivational Mondays: For when there is no motivation

Our lives are rushed (and sometimes not because of the things we wouldn’t mind being rushed for) and sometimes it is difficult to feel motivated or accept any form of motivation. When you are are tired and your body is aching, when there is no motivation – it is important to do something different.

Different is good.

Try to:

  1. Feel – Allow yourself to overreact, cry a little, feel the aches and pains, feel where the tension in your body lies and focus on your breath. Sometimes we just need an excuse for a good cry or to focus on what is wrong, whatever that might be. If you need to feel all of the emotions, do so.
  2. Move and nourish – Move your body. When you are stressed or worried do at least fifteen minutes of yoga a day or go mountain biking even though you feel weak. Remember, there are benefits to moving (even a little). Drink berry smoothies and snack on carrots, chick peas and rosa tomatoes. But, if you feel like chocolate, have it. Listen to your body and respond appropriately.
  3. Get outside  – Sit outside and breathe in fresh air.  Do not not stay cooped up inside. We spend so much of time indoors so it is important to soak up some natural light, and listen to the birds sing and the kids play. Get outside, because even when things are gloomy – outside is still beautiful!

Get outside