Motivational Mondays: Hello Spring!

hello Spring!

This season is symbolic of new beginnings. What are you doing with this natural urge to do better / be better? Have you been a bit of a hermit during the colder and darker months? Has your body and mind become stagnant?

Maybe a detoxification of both is in order?

It doesn’t need to be anything drastic;

  • go on a juice fast
  • promise to meditate for 10 minutes each day
  • drink herbal tea in the morning instead of coffee
  • give up something unhealthy (smoking, alcohol, sugar, a bad relationship, a hurtful thought)
  • clean out your wardrobe and donate what you don’t wear
  • forgive that which is poisoning your soul
  • cut your hair
  • start a new and exciting exercise regime
  • volunteer at your local shelter or orphanage
  • exfoliate
  • paint your nails a bright and happy colour
  • work outside for a bit instead of at your desk
  • have a detox bath every day for a week
  • go to your local park after work instead of to the gym
  • eat a salad for lunch
  • drink ice cold water with lemon
  • pick some flowers and give them to someone unexpected
  • wear a brightly coloured dress or shirt to work instead of black and white
  • do calf raises whilst you brush your teeth
  • eat a raw food diet for a few days or for the entire month of September if you can
  • leave for work ten minutes earlier to miss the traffic
  • smile more
  • book a weekend away somewhere beautiful and rejuvenating
  • enter a race and work out a dedicated training program to prepare for it

Basically, do anything that is different and refreshing!

Enjoy life and feel LIGHT in mind, body and spirit!