Motivational Mondays: Make it a lifestyle


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It is important to not think of healthier living adjustments as giving something up as these negative thoughts will manifest in your mind. Don’t think, “I can’t eat chocolate”, “I am giving up carbs”, “I am eliminating sugar from my diet”, or “I am never eating a pizza or a burger again.” Rather, embrace a positive perception. Think about the headache you have after eating sugar or that bloated and uncomfortable feeling you have after eating a pizza and think that you are avoiding the pain and discomfort rather than the food. Diet and exercise plans shouldn’t be viewed as temporary changes but as long-term improvements to how you feel. The focus should be on what you are gaining (energy, muscle tone, better sleep, a working digestive system, no bloating, glowing skin, healthy hair, no aches and pains) rather than what you are giving up. This way of positive thinking will help you push through your barriers and needs to be remembered and integrated in every day life.