Motivational Mondays: Measuring happiness?

measuring happiness

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There’s a meme going around the internet saying something like “money cannot buy happiness but it can buy ice-cream/coffee/internet/tea/chocolate/shoes and that is kind of the same thing.” I think all of us can insert: mountain bike, gadgets, clothes, accessories and the list goes on there. Although, sometimes it is important to remember that the actual riding experience should be how you measure your happiness. If you will feel better going faster or harder, then do it but if you are comfortable trundling along and enjoying the view on 5 km rides, then keep at that too. If you love a combination of the two then alternate your rides between pushing yourself and just taking the time to breathe in fresh air and not think or push yourself. As long as your satisfaction is still high on your bike then your measure of happiness should be high. If it isn’t, take some time to think why not and make a change. This is all about enjoying an adventurous an active life – whatever that may mean to you – is it not?