Music Mondays: Recovery #1

Now that the new year is in full swing and everybody is getting back to longer weekend rides or even some races to get back into shape we thought we would put together a nice active recovery Music Monday for use early this week to get nutrients to those sore muscles.

Any riding over the time of the playlist or above the recommended levels of RPE/HR can be considered a workout rather than a recovery ride.

We have used the standardised ‘ratings of perceived effort (RPE)’ from 1 – 10 (1 = free wheeling with no resistance on the wheel; 10 = your maximum effort).

If you train using a heart rate monitor we have put in the recommend HR % you should be training at for each track.

Music mondays pic

  1.  Iron – Woodkid (3.10) >> Warm up; Level 1, 50% – 55% HR
  2. Pretty Little Girl – Blink182 (4.20) >> Flat Road; Level 2; 555 – 60% HR
  3. Look Right Through – Storm Queen (5.20) >>Flat Road; Level 3; 60% – 65% HR
  4. Red Lights – Tiesto (4.21) >> Cool down; Level 3-2-1; 65% – Resting HR

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