Music Mondays: Recovery #5

Stream these tracks live on your phone or laptop and follow the instructions below for a training session on the spin bike and indoor trainer. If you want to take the playlist out on the road or a trail, purchase the songs and re-create this playlist in order. We have used the standardised ‘ratings of perceived effort (RPE)’ from 1 – 10 (1 = free wheeling with no resistance on the wheel; 10 = your maximum effort).

Any riding over the time of the playlist or above the recommended levels of RPE/HR can be considered a workout rather than a recovery ride.


If you train using a heart rate monitor we have put in the recommend HR % you should be training at for each track.

  1. Giant in my heart – Kiesza (6.29) >> Warm up; Level 2, 50% – 55% HR
  2. Turning into you – The Offspring (3.41) >> Flat Road; Level 3; 55% – 60% HR
  3. Cool down; Level 3-2-1; 65% – Resting HR

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