One of the most overlooked MTB upgrades

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When we purchase a bike one thing that goes through most of our minds is; “will I be able to upgrade the components on this?” It might seem bizarre that after already forking out your hard-earned cash to purchase a new machine that you will already be thinking about this, but we know that you – like us – will be. When looking into various upgrades it can be rather shocking to see what group sets, suspension and hubs can cost. Yes, all of these are rather important components and can save you some time on smooth and seamless gear changes or give you the ability to float over some technical sections with your new suspension but, can you really increase your speed without looking into traction and reliability? One of the most noticeable and fairly cost effective methods of improving comfort, performance and reliability of your ride is by – literally – starting from the ground up….


Upgrading to a tubeless tire set-up will give you;

  • Additional traction in the corners.
  • Increase your braking ability through the additional traction.
  • A lower rolling resistance due to a lighter set up because we no longer have the additional weight of the tube.
  • Puncture prevention.
  • No pinch flats from sharp objects.

Schwalbe has recently released their new tubeless tire set-up which blows the conventional tubeless system out of the water.



The ProCore set-up has taken the tube and tubeless system and combined the strengths of each to give you one incredible product. Schwalbe has taken the one disadvantage of the conventional tubeless system and revolutionised it – creating a new problem for you: braking ability 😉 . This will allow you to blast through trails without even worrying about tire failure. You are now able to run super low tire pressures without the issue of damaging your rim when the tire bottoms out, this is done through the use of two separate air chambers.

ProCore 2


The inner blue (high pressure) chamber protects your rim from impact damage and your tire from snake bites while the outer (low pressure) chamber allows you to benefit from running extremely low pressures. This will fit almost any rim as long as its internal width is 23 mm or greater. To answer your last question…Yes it does only have one valve to inflate both chambers. Check out their clip below.


We look forward to doing an official review on this produvct in the next few months!

Let us know what you think?

And, check out their website here in the meantime.

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