Trusted Mountain Bike Trail Thursdays: Misty Valley Lodge – Machadodorp

Misty Valley is trail centre made up of numerous exciting loops ranging in distance from 6 km to 8 km that vary in difficulty based on colour. They all finish at the same location so you can quickly choose another and head off on another exciting adventure. All the trails have different names and stories behind them but it is suggested to start on the green loop to get an idea of how the grading works. Clever bridges and ramps have been built over boulders and large rocks which has made the technical sections exciting and some unofficial chicken runs have been created around these features for those that are still new to the sport. A large variety of game can be viewed as you tour the property which includes blesbok, springbok, Black wildebeest, zebra, Grey rhebok and jackal. This is also a child friendly venue as they have provided a jumping castle, sandpit and jungle gym for the little ones as well as a large grass area for them to get to grips with their bikes.

Misty Valley Lodge

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