Wellness Wednesdays: Breaking the fast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

We are sure you have all heard this phrase countless times but still we come across people daily that only grab a cup of coffee and eat their first meals a few hours after waking! This is either done because they are not hungry in the morning or to limit calorie intake. Either way, this is not ideal as skipping a meal forces the body to go into fasting (survival) mode which increases your insulin response and in turn cause your body to store more fat.

Think of having breakfast as breaking the six to eight hour fast you have just had whilst sleeping. It is important to wake up your metabolism and this also ensures that you don’t over eat at the next meal or binge snack before lunch time.

Breakfast does not need to be complicated or take a lot of time to prepare. A few examples of quick and easy but also delicious and nutritious breakfast meals to recharge the brain and body before you start your day!

Top your yoghurt and fruit with muesli instead of the other way round


Wholesome oats. This can be served with butter, honey, cinnamon, nuts, seeds, fruit or a spoonful of peanut / almond / nut butter.


A glass of milk, baby carrots, chick peas and two boiled eggs


Two poached eggs and cottage cheese and/or hummus


Rooibos tea and a banana oat muffin (recipe here)



Do you eat breakfast in the mornings? What do you have?