Wellness Wednesdays: Fish Oil Supplements

In the spirit of our theme of “recovery” we recommend increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Your recovery time will be improved by reducing soreness and stiffness after a workout, this is because omega 3 supplementation helps reduce inflammation and combats muscle fatigue.


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Omega-3 > Omega-6

Fish and fish oil supplements are the richest source of omega-3s (the two mains ones are EPA and DHA). Use oils that are rich in omega-3s such as flaxseed or olive oils. Soy and cornflower oils are rich in omega-6.

 Aids in Recovery

Fish oil supplementation consistently results in lower levels of inflammation. If inflammation remains elevated after exercise, this can negatively impact muscle soreness, tissue repair and other aspects of recovery.

Reduces muscle soreness

The fatty acids in omega-3s augments blood flow which helps to decrease muscle soreness by reducing swelling and increasing the range of motion after damaging exercise.

Burns fat and slows muscle loss

Studies have also shown that by increasing omega-3 levels insulin sensitivity will be enhanced which improves fat burning and inhibits fat storage.

How much should you take?

You should try consume 1 000 – 2000 mg per day. This equates to one serving of fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sardines) every other day. Supplements containing EPA and DHA are also recommended.