Wellness Wednesdays: Meditation

One of the most important ‘activities’ you can take part in, in order to improve all round wellness, is that of meditation. It almost seems contradictory to call this an activity as the actual act thereof is not very active…In next week’s “How-To Tuesdays” post we will give some tips on how best to mindfully relax your mind and body.



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We all know that it is important to take time for ourselves but for today:

Seven specifics health benefits of meditation

  1. Boosts immunity – studies have been done that have found progressive muscular relaxation reduce the risks of some cancers and boost natural fighting cells in the body.
  2. Creates an emotional balance – meditation is a great way to work through thoughts in our minds that could be unnecessarily cluttering up the valuable space in there.
  3. Increases fertility – stress wreaks havoc on the body and it definitely makes sense that women are easier able to conceive when they are more relaxed.
  4. Soothes the tummy – Irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, diarrhea and constipation all improve significant when you mindfully practise meditation.
  5. Lowers blood pressure – If your body is more relaxed it is less inclined to over-react to stress hormones which consequently helps to lower blood pressure.
  6. Anti-inflammatory – Inflammation is a common negative result of stress, as we mentioned above relaxation helps the body switch off the stress response.

Do you meditate and if so, do you have any tips for us for next week’s post? Have you experienced any of the above benefits?