Wellness Wednesdays: Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea – or red bush tea if you are from anywhere other than South Africa – which is grown in the Cedarberg region near Cape Town has many health benefits.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-viral: Rooibos tea contains polyphenols which are organic chemicals that have great antioxidant capabilities and will boost your immune system.

Free from caffeine: This tea is completely free from caffeine. It is a great warm beverage to enjoy before bed to help calm your mind and body .

Relieves stress: Rooibos tea is known as a brochodilator which relieves respiratory conditions and reduces blood pressure, reducing hypertension. It is known to relieve stress and nervous tension too.

Bone health: Rich in calcium, manganese and fluoride minerals that assist in maintaining good bone structure and stronger teeth.

For your skin: Add a couple of rooibos tea bags to your bath to relieve sunburn, acne and eczema.