Wellness Wednesdays: Tips to treat the SADs

Do you find yourself thinking more about life and all of its nuances, exploring inner tensions concerning being at peace with where you are now and striving for something better and wanting to remain indoors and spend time alone whilst everyone else is celebrating the arrival of Summer?

dead tree in spring

If you are going through a melancholy period of inner reflection as the year draws to a close and pondering what gives life to Life this is perfectly normal and is known as Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder.

So, if you have the SADs follow these helpful tips from Sporteluxe to help you feel better:

  • Get support  –  If you are feeling depressed then should get an expert to help and support you through this time or have a chat to friends and family that would understand and be able to help. You do not have to suffer alone!
  • Get moving  –  While it might feel like the last thing you want to do, regular physical activity has been shown to help treat depression. If the heat gets you down, try working out early in the morning or in the evening when it’s a bit colder. (Remember our post on the benefits of moving, even a little)
  • Make sleep a priority  –  We all know how good we feel after a quality night’s sleep. On the flipside, the same can be true for a bad night’s sleep. But research has shown that not getting enough quality sleep can actually trigger depression, which makes it the perfect reason to put sleep first and make it a consistent priority in your life.
  • Manage your stress  –  The more coping mechanisms you have in place to avoid and manage stress, the better able you will be cope with taxing situations and experiences. Try meditating, deep breathing, visualising, listening to relaxing music or painting as ideas to lower your stress levels.
  • Preparation is key  –  You can also prepare in advance to help ease the symptoms and make the season easier to handle in futre. Ideas include planning a holiday to somewhere cooler or simply keep on top with your self-care practices to decrease stress and ensure you’re fit, healthy and able to cope with the extra pressure.
  • Be kind to yourself  –  And finally, if you don’t feel like fulfilling your social commitments and want time out, then do it. Take long baths, chat with friends who leave you feeling inspired and uplifted and do things that make you feel good.

Do you think you suffer from the SADs? What do you do to feel better?