Wellness Wednesdays: Why you need to breathe properly

We breathe all day every day to stay alive so it is strange to think that most of us are not doing it properly. The way in which you breathe will affect your physical and mental well-being.

Only with the right amount of oxygen will our brains and other vital organs be replenished with essential nutrients.


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Your skin will suffer, your muscles will tire easily during exercise and you will constantly feel lethargic if you do not breathe properly as vital nutrients are not being properly transported through your body.

Another thing to always keep in mind is that our bodies need a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Breathing too fast means you release too much carbon dioxide which results in a system that is too alkaline. A certain level of carbon dioxide is necessary for our bodies to maintain the correct level of acidity and to function properly.

The strangest thing is that if you watch a baby breathe you can clearly see that they are taking breaths from deep within their abdomen Рyou can see their stomachs and chests rise and fall. As we grow up, daily stresses affect the way we breathe.  We only use the top third of our lungs and essentially we always breathing as though we are hyperventilating. This can lead to panic attacks, insomnia, dizziness and extreme fatigue due to a lack of carbon dioxide and organs and muscles are robbed of proper blood flow due to lack of oxygen. This is why when someone is having a panic attach they are normally made to breathe into a paper bag, in this way the re-inhaling the exhaled carbon dioxide.

In next week’s how to Tuesdays post we will discuss some techniques to improve your breathing.