When you just need to breathe, but can’t

Tam here…

It has been one of those weeks, and it is only Tuesday. When everything that needs to be done needs to be done urgently, you add things to your to do list faster than you can tick them off, unexpected admin issues crop up and there are family emergencies on top of everything.  I can get very easily frustrated and anxious so it is very important for me to become mindful and focus on my breathing.

Last year I wrote two posts for this site:

  1. Why you need to breathe properly
  2. Techniques to improve your breathing

I still find it quite strange that something that is so natural is something that most people are unable to do properly?

This Sunday I am going to a workshop at Haum of Yoga (soon to be known as Indie Yoga) on the Art of Pranayama hosted by George Demetriades.

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This morning I checked what times there would be yoga classes today at the Haum and planned for the 6 pm one. At 5 I quickly checked again and with a panic 'realised' that the class is actually at 5:30. I am now 45 minutes early because yes there was a 5:30 class but it was this morning and the evening class is still at 6. I rushed out of work and I think this sums up why I work out: I love it and so (mostly) try and plan my days around it. This is only for exercise I enjoy – yoga, road cycling and mountain biking. I hate gym (boredom, too many people, machines, stinky, don't know what to do half the time). #movevember #whyiworkout @anewweigh @keep_kerri_fit #yoga #yogi #yogini #yogagirl #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #haumofyoga

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“This workshop provides an excellent opportunity to add to/refresh your knowledge of Pranayama (the control of prana (life force) through the body) and how your capacity to breathe correctly and efficiently, can be improved through this wonderful art. 

• This workshop is for everyone.

• Learn how to improve your ability to breathe efficiently through the use of various Pranayama techniques

• Learn how to use the internal locks (bandhas) to harness the energy of prana, and hand gestures (mudras) that have an effect on the body’s physiology.

• A short lecture on the chakra system will be dealt with to understand how Pranayama affects the body’s energy system.

• Dos and don’ts of Pranayama to ensure a safe and effective practice.”

He is also hosting an Advanced Yoga Hatha Intensive on Saturday – you can read more about, and register for, both workshops here.

I am really excited to learn how to improve my ability to breathe and more about chakras and my body’s energy system. I have a feeling (read: know) that this year is not going to get any less hectic. I am looking forward to all the challenges and growth opportunities but I want to be able to deal with my anxiety levels on a far more appropriate level. 🙂